Mentoring Programme Testimonial – Osama Ramzi


Mentee: Osama Ramzi
University: Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)


My journey to get into the cybersecurity world started in the last days of my high school. Back then, I was aware about hackers being around and always thought they were the bad guys due to misusing the skills they own and that they have unstoppable powers and how they do everything is unknown.

That was until I heard about the term “cybersecurity” which I instantly became surprised to know that such field exist where you can learn how to become a hacker to stop a hacker and start to secure digital systems and assets.

The aspect of contributing positively to the tech world, along with the significant responsibility entrusted to cybersecurity professionals, became a driving force behind my passion.


My expectations from this role would include gaining training and professional feedback, networking with other professionals and experts in the field, and learning new things and gaining real world experiences related to the ever evolving field of cybersecurity.


Being a cybersecurity ambassador means a lot to me. It’s directly related to the career I need to pursue and matches my passion and interests.

I find this ambassador programme from Lateral Connect is a great opportunity to kick-start my career. This programme offers a unique channel to not only expand my knowledge and skills but also to engage with like-minded individuals who share my enthusiasm for safeguarding digital landscapes.

The mentorship and guidance provided by Lateral Connect represent an invaluable resource that I am eager to tap into.


In conclusion, for me, being an ambassador is more than just a title. It’s a huge responsibility, an achievable goal, and a great chance to grow professionally. Given the potential for positive change, I am happy to take the position of being a cybersecurity ambassador at Lateral Connect.

Osama Ramzi

Osama Ramzy Elmasry - Cohort 1

Created by Osama Ramzi as part of the Mentoring Training Programme

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