Mentoring Programme Testimonial – Hafiz Shaharudin


Mentee: Hafiz Shaharudin
University: Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)


My personal journey into the realm of cybersecurity began early in my late teens as I was deciding which field of study to focus on.

At the time, I was keen on knowing more about online privacy and data breaches, and after some time conducting my own reading, I found that cybersecurity allowed me to delve more into those interests and brought me to where I am today, with a greater understanding of the gravity of the situations at hand.

This interest also compelled me to join the Lateral Connect Ambassador Programme.


I joined this programme in hopes that I may be able to further my understanding and knowledge in the cybersecurity field, and I do believe that the Ambassador Programme can help achieve said aspirations.

Furthermore, with this role, I am able to benefit society and its members by spreading the importance of cybersecurity and helping strengthen the digital space from threat actors.


Apart from gaining a better understanding of the cybersecurity frontier, the Ambassador Programme serves as a growth platform for my professional career.

Being able to conduct CompTIA Security+ training and network with industry veterans and enthusiasts are the driving forces that motivate me to be part of the programme.

In terms of unique contributions, I’ve mapped out some ideas and strategies for organising fun and interactive workshops at my university.

With this in mind, collaborating with fellow ambassadors can amplify the effects and provide the edge needed for success.


To conclude, being an ambassador for Lateral Connect has opened a new gate of possibilities for me, and that includes responsibilities that take me to the next level.

With this in mind, along with the determination in my heart, I believe that we can be the catalyst for change and improvement.

Hafiz Shaharudin

Hafiz Shaharudin - Cohort 1

Created by Hafiz Shaharudin as part of the Mentoring Training Programme

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