Reflecting on the 2022 Data Breaches to watch out for


Learning from current and past Data Breaches

As we reflect on company data breaches from 2022, the resounding lesson is clear: cybersecurity and organisational resilience remain non-negotiable safeguards for every business, regardless of size or industry. While each breach had its unique nuances, each company experienced an aftermath of chaos, financial losses, and a sullied reputation.

Companies faced regulatory penalties, legal battles, customer attrition, and a loss of public trust, amplifying the significance of strong online security.

This is where organisational resilience comes into play. Think of it as a safety net, enabling companies to weather the inevitable storm and bounce back with minimal impact. The ability to swiftly detect, contain, and recover from a breach is invaluable, not only in terms of protecting your customers, but also in ensuring uninterrupted business operations. Companies must no longer consider cybersecurity and resilience as optional add-ons; they should be the foundation of every cyber defence strategy. With the right measures in place, companies can effectively thwart cyber threats, respond decisively to incidents, and recover rapidly, safeguarding both their reputation and their customers.

What you can learn from this free downloadable white paper:

  • The importance of investing in organisational resilience and a quality cybersecurity framework.
  • The tactics cybercriminals used to victimize these companies, and the substantial damage they caused.
  • Valid strategies to use to prevent your company from making next year’s data breach list.

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