Mentoring Programme Testimonial – Summetha Parimalam


Mentee: Summetha Parimalam
University: Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)


My intrigue in cybersecurity was piqued as I observed the escalating cyber threats around me. It became evident that this was the avenue where I could genuinely make a positive difference in the world. Indeed, to enact significant change, it’s essential to excel in one’s chosen path.

This realisation led me to the Lateral Connect Ambassador Programme, an avenue to hone my skills and become an adept professional in cybersecurity.


My primary motivation for joining this esteemed programme is to deepen my knowledge and broaden my horizons within this field.

I’m confident that with the mentorship provided, I’ll evolve into a well-versed cybersecurity professional. This platform offers me the unique chance to meld my academic insights with real-world applications. To me, this ambassadorship is more than just advocacy – it’s a ladder to my professional ascent.

With the revered CompTIA Security+ training, I’m well-positioned to sharpen my capabilities further. Additionally, the opportunity to interact with and learn from industry stalwarts and peers is invaluable.


In terms of giving back, I’ve envisioned a series of dynamic cybersecurity workshops at my institution.

These won’t merely be knowledge sessions but will equip ambassadors with practical tools for a more secure digital existence.

I’m also keen on joining forces with fellow ambassadors because collective efforts magnify outcomes.


In essence, embracing the role of an ambassador means shouldering a duty, embarking on a meaningful mission, and seizing an opportunity for unparalleled professional growth. United, I’m optimistic about our potential to bring about change. Thank you for your time.

Summetha Parimalam

Created by Summetha Parimalam as part of the Mentoring Training Programme

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