Mentoring Programme Testimonial – Lik Ken Chen


Mentee: Lik Ken Chen
University: Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)


Hi, I’m Lik Ken Chen from Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU). I ventured into the realm of cyber security because I wish to grow my skills and knowledge in the field so that I can have the power to protect myself and the people that I care about from cyber criminals.


I expect that with this programme I can have a clearer image and expand my skills and knowledge of cyber security beyond academia. With this, I hope that I can join in and help bridge the cyber security skills gap by sharing my experience and new knowledge with my peers and community.


For me, this ambassador mentoring programme is very well-rounded, which makes it perfect for amateurs in the cyber security field.

Not only that I get a chance to get trained to sit for CompTIA Security+ certification, I also get to network with professionals in the industry and like-minded individuals. Other than that, it also provides a platform for me to execute cyber security-related event ideas that I have at my university.


In short, I believe that being an ambassador is a key to bring changes, be it big or small, to the cyber world and its users. Together, we can make the cyber world a better and safer place. Thank you.

Lik Ken Chen

Lik Ken Chen - Testimonial

Created by Lik Ken Chen as part of the Mentoring Training Programme

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Lik Ken Chen - Testimonial

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